Unlocking ChatGPT’s Potential in IT Service Management

In today’s AI-driven landscape, ChatGPT has taken center stage, sparking discussions about its impact on jobs, its pros, cons, and the potential risks of unregulated AI. While debates abound, one cannot overlook the myriad opportunities ChatGPT offers in IT Service Management (ITSM). This blog aims to demystify ChatGPT, shedding light on how it works and […]

Why ITIL 4’s Organizational Change Management Practice is So Important

Organizational change management (OCM) is a Human Resources (HR) thing, right? For many organizations, it might be, which is why they, and many others without OCM capabilities, struggle with technology-related change. The issue is that there’s rarely anything that’s only technology-based change because the new or changed technology affects ways of working, involving people. So, […]

How is Your ITSM Maturity?

IT service management (ITSM) maturity assessments are interesting tools. Used wisely, they can be powerful drivers of change. However, this requires an appreciation of their true purpose and a commitment to make maturity assessments part of your organization’s continuous improvement approach.   Ultimately, maturity models and assessments should be about improvement, focusing not on where […]

What Does Your Organization Need in an ITSM Tool?


Few people would disagree with the statement that it’s hard to provide effective IT service management (ITSM) and IT support capabilities without a fit-for-purpose ITSM tool. However, it’s critical to understand the importance of the term “fit-for-purpose” in “fit-for-purpose ITSM tool.” After all, what’s the point of looking at an ITSM tool that states it […]

What ITSM Can Learn from the Football World Cup

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tournament is poised to grab everyone’s attention between now and the end of 2022. It offers an interesting opportunity for IT service delivery and support teams to consider what IT service management (ITSM) can learn from football (or soccer, depending on your location). This might seem a strange opportunity, […]