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Redefine the customer experience while streamlining IT Requests
It Service Catalog

A Single Source of Operational Services

Modern IT departments do more than simply provide just tech support. ITCC’s Service Catalog enables your team to publish a complete directory of all IT services that are available to employees and end-users, all while accelerating delivery and reducing operational expenses.

Our Service Catalog tool enables your employees to get the IT services they need through automated processes and a stellar, end-user experience.

A Comprehensive Catalog

Our Service Catalog module helps keep your organization working efficiently, with tools designed to improve efficiency for every facet of the organization.
Improving IT Efficiency and Automation

Your organization’s service catalog can be created in just minutes, helping to automate repetitive processes throughout the company. 

The IT team can create custom, multi-stage workflows with approval tasks to speed up fulfillment. These custom workflows can fully automate processes, such as a new hire process, to ensure that onboarding runs smoothly. 

IT members can create dynamic forms per catalog request, and attach SLAs to the different activities, ensuring processes are completed on time. They can approve requests via email, as well as add links to external forms that function as catalog requests. 

End-User Experience

The Service Catalog module creates an improved user experience for all users within the organization. The self-service platform is searchable, and only displays services that the user is entitled to, based on role. End users are also able to create and track service requests, providing them with full visibility into the status of their requests.


The Service Catalog item’s workflow can launch REST APIs and automate processes from end-to-end.


The Service Catalog’s robust analytics features allows IT to measure the services they provide, as well as calculate and track the cost of those services.

ITCC Service Catalog Organizational Benefits

Service Catalog plays an important role in the organization. It reduces the costs of delivering services and dramatically decreases the time for completion of services.

ITCC’s Service Catalog module provides the organization with better-managed resources and measurably improves customer satisfaction. It uses rules to ensure employees only have access to the software they need, protecting against unnecessary licensing fees.

IT Asset Management Tools
Integrated Asset Management

Built-In Features

Like all modules within the ITCC platform, Service Catalog module includes a robust toolset that facilitates communication, simplifies use, makes it easy to track progress at a glance. 

  • Chatbot – Open tickets, or troubleshoot incidents using a natural language conversational chatbot
  • Analytics Dashboard – Create custom dashboards that highlight incident resolution KPIs and SLAs
  • IT Integrations – Central integration hub to connect with third-party applications
  • Mobile – Mobile-friendly allows users to stay on top of projects even when they are on the go
  • Global Support – ITCC provides 24-hour “follow the sun” support so there is always a human agent available to resolve issues
  • Cloud/On-Premises – Deploy the Service Catalog module on the cloud or on-premises
  • Rapid App Development Infrastructure

In Our Customers’ Words

"As a cyber security leader, protecting our customers from advanced threats and ensuring customer satisfaction are top priorities," said Sigalit Shavit, chief information technology officer at CyberArk. "IT Care Center is a highly customizable solution that powers productive IT support interactions. Using advanced analytics, we can measure and continuously improve the effectiveness of our customer support team to drive long-term customer loyalty."

Sigalit Shavit

CIO, CyberArk