Project Management

Ensure projects run smoothly and are completed on time
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Planning and Managing IT Projects

IT projects often impact multiple levels and touchpoints of the organization. ITCC’s Project Management module provides IT project managers with the tools they need to complete their projects on time.

Our Project Management module enables IT project managers to effectively plan, monitor, and manage their projects toward a successful project delivery.

Project Management Designed for IT

IT projects frequently involve multiple stakeholders from different areas within an organization. Managing these projects is complex, as they involve multiple interdependencies and occasionally require taking critical systems offline or making them temporarily unavailable.

Having a sophisticated IT project management tool in place helps limit the disruption caused by these projects and enables teams to plan activities so that business activities can continue.
Project Planning

The Project Management module provides IT project leaders with the management tools needed to create and plan IT projects. The system is robust and allows for the creation of multiple project branches. Tasks can be associated with the project branches and assigned to users together with deadlines for task completion.

Project Monitoring

Stakeholders and Project managers have a dashboard at their disposal to track the progress of each task. When tasks are at risk of being late, alerts are generated, enabling management to add resources or adjust the dependent elements of the project. Each project includes a visual timeline, covering the entire end-to-end timeline of the project, so managers can see exactly where the project stands.

Trying to stay ahead of budget and work hours?
The dashboard is also a valuable tool for decision-makers within the company. The project management dashboard provides visibility into the different projects and can be used to help make decisions, including prioritizing different projects.

Project Management

The system helps ensure that the project moves forward on time, by identifying key users and providing them with the access they need to complete their tasks. It assists them in prioritizing tasks, and guides managers on the steps they need to take to get the project completed on time.

ITCC Project Management Organizational Benefits

When poorly managed, IT projects can disrupt the entire organization, leaving employees without access to key network systems. ITCC’s Project Management module ensures that management has visibility into every facet of the project.

They have the tools to manage resources, monitor the rate of both planned and unplanned work-time allocation, prioritize budgets, and manage resources.

Project managers can demonstrate their commitment to their company by making the most out of existing resources.

They also have a clear view of any type of upcoming disruption and have the ability to plan workarounds to maintain business continuity.

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Built-In Features

Like all modules within the ITCC platform, Project Management includes a robust toolset that facilitates communication and simplifies use. 

  • Analytics Dashboard – Create custom dashboards that highlight incident resolution KPIs and SLAs
  • IT Integrations – Central integration hub to connect with third-party applications
  • Mobile – Mobile-friendly allows users to stay on top of projects even when they are on the go
  • Global Support – ITCC provides 24-hour “follow the sun” support so there is always a human agent available to resolve issues
  • Cloud/On-Premises – Deploy the Project Management module on the cloud or on-premises
  • Rapid App Development Infrastructure


In Our Customers’ Words

ITCC is super flexible allowing for a hige variety of work processes and automation.

I have been working with ITCC for over 10 years and I recommend it to anyone who needs great flexibility, a variety of options, and wants to make many changes without the need to code.

Sigalit Shavit

CIO, CyberArk