Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting Started with ITCC

Yes, ITCC can set up a POC for up to 30 days.
ITCC’s software uses an Oracle database. Our customers work directly with ITCC, and do not engage with Oracle. Database support is included in our Maintenance and Support package.
Our support ensures that you get the most out of your system. It includes ongoing support for questions, database support, how-to tutorials, bug patches, and new version releases. Our Maintenance & Support requires a subscription.


All agents that provide support are required to have a license. Licenses allow agents to use all modules within the system. End users and approvers do not need a license, and neither do managers who log into the system to view reports.
No, approvers do not need a license.
No, managers do not require licenses.


Yes, service management can be used by any department that offers internal services. For example, Facilities Management could use the system so employees can open service tickets to fix furniture, while HR can use the platform to share knowledge and deploy onboarding automations.
Yes, users can create internal IT tasks and add new call tasks to the system. Tasks can be either recurring or one-time tasks, and users can create dependent tasks.
Our platform includes a number of standard reports and dashboards. Users can easily create or customize new reports and dashboards to meet the needs of their team and organization, as well as reuse those reports when needed or publish reports for other internal or external stakeholders.
One of the most powerful uses of any service management suite is the ability to automate repetitive tasks. Our platform fully supports the development of automations like setting up a new server, onboarding new employees, or adding permissions to a system.
Yes, our system tracks the actual time spent resolving issues, regardless of the time zones where the requests and work take place. It takes working days and working hours from around the globe to accurately calculate SLA compliance.
Yes, our software has been certified for Incident Management, Request Fulfillment, Change Management, and Problem Management by Pink Elephant.
Our platform supports incident creation through email, the self-service portal, chatbot or live chat, keyword searching, mobile device and through a help desk agent.
Yes, our platform tracks all KPIs and shares the data through dashboards and reports. Analytics include SLA violations and KPIs for each module, as well as user-defined customized reports. Additionally, users can deploy automations to send out scheduled reports, and email them to individuals or groups.
The platform includes complex flows with steps and dependencies. For example, an employee onboarding workflow might look like this: 1. HR notifies IT that a new employee was hired 2. IT team creates new Active Directory Account and preps new workstation 3. Facilities management is notified to set up office space 4. Once office space is assigned, telephone and internet connections are set up. Workflows can be fully automated, including all dependencies.
Our platforms support both live human chat and chatbots.
Our platform has a full self-service platform. Users can report issues through the platform, or search the knowledge base to try and resolve any issues on their own.
Our platform has a searchable database to assist help desk agents in resolving issues and to empower users to resolve their own issues. The knowledge base can integrate with any third-party knowledge base with an open API.


All of our modules can be installed either on-premises or on the cloud, depending on your needs. Both types of installations offer the same functionality.
Yes, the platform is responsive and offers full functionality from any tablet or mobile device.
Yes, our platform supports every language and every alphabet, including Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew, and Asian character sets.
The system is capable of being up and running within two weeks. However, speed of deployment can be impacted by customer processes. When those processes are well defined, it speeds up the implementation time.
ITCC can integrate with Active Directory, email, SCCM, WMI, Bigfix, Intune, and JAMF out of the box. Our developers are constantly adding new integrations. Our platform also includes open APIs that allow it to be connected to any other tool or system. Additionally, events within the system are capable of triggering an integration with another system. This can be done in a declarative way without using code.
Yes, our software is built on the Oracle APEX (APEX is a rapid application development platform development platform and can be extended and enhanced to meet your specific requirements.