Knowledge Management

Enable faster resolutions and self-service with this powerful knowledge base
Knowledge Management Workflow

Empower Users to Resolve IT Issues

Empowering end-users and agents to resolve incidents on their own while using your organization’s vast institutional memory requires a powerful tool. ITCC’s Knowledge Management module provides employees with the tools to quickly and confidently resolve simple IT issues, while providing help desk associates with the information they need to resolve complex IT issues.

Share information that users need to overcome technical disruptions, and guide IT professionals toward faster problem resolution.

A Complete Knowledge Management Solution

When incidents arise while end-users are working under deadlines, it’s comforting to know that IT-approved resolutions to routine problems are only a click away. Let them use a Knowledge Management module that provides self-service access to the answers they need to overcome technological glitches.
Informational Accessibility Throughout the Organization

Designed to make information available to end-users, agents, and technicians, items are published in a variety of formats, making it easy for team members to find solutions to their issues.

The system uses Google search tools, accessible to both end-users via the portal and help desk agents through ticket assistance. All knowledge items, which include documents, articles, and email messages, are indexed by the system, enhancing search results.

Knowledge Base Management

This module is ideal for both self-service and technician-aided interventions, thanks to a robust management system. The system associates knowledge base articles to the different service categories and classifies each item as a resolution, workaround, known issue, or other organizational categories.

Knowledge base items include HTML-based articles, email that is converted into articles, and document attachments, including Microsoft Office or PDF files.

IT departments have the option to maintain advanced technical solutions that are only accessible by authorized technicians, which can help reduce resolution times. They can also document solutions for repeating issues.

Project Management

Our searchable knowledge base assists end-users in handling their own issues without opening tickets. It also provides helpdesk workers with a repository of information that they can use to resolve issues. All users can check their history, making it easy to find solutions to problems they have searched for in the past.

Continuously Improving Knowledge Management Process

Users who try the solution can send comments to the knowledge item contributor. Feedback can be used to update out-of-date solutions, help clarify directions, and improve the user experience.

ITCC Knowledge Management Organizational Benefits

Organizational history and the ability to preserve and pass the professional knowledge along are extremely important to the viability and longevity of any organization. As team members move on to other roles, maintaining the knowledge in a structured, coordinated format allows the organization to continue to leverage that knowledge.

Use the Knowledge Management module to encourage employees to find their own solutions and increase productivity. Set a standardized approach within the organization, eliminating inconsistencies and unnecessary issue duplication within the workplace.

incident management module
Integrated Asset Management

Built-In Features

Like all modules within the ITCC platform, Knowledge Management includes a robust toolset that facilitates communication and simplifies use. 

  • Chatbot – Open tickets, or troubleshoot incidents using a natural language conversational chatbot
  • Analytics Dashboard – Create custom dashboards that highlight incident resolution KPIs and SLAs
  • IT Integrations – Central integration hub to connect with third-party applications
  • Mobile – Mobile-friendly allows users to stay on top of projects even when they are on the go
  • Global Support – ITCC provides 24-hour “follow the sun” support so there is always a human agent available to resolve issues
  • Cloud/On-Premises – Deploy the Knowledge Management module on the cloud or on-premises
  • Rapid App Development Infrastructure


In Our Customers’ Words

As a cyber security leader, protecting our customers from advanced threats and ensuring customer satisfaction are top priorities,” said Sigalit Shavit, chief information technology officer at CyberArk. “IT Care Center is a highly customizable solution that powers productive IT support interactions. Using advanced analytics, we can measure and continuously improve the effectiveness of our customer support team to drive long-term customer loyalty.

Sigalit Shavit

CIO, CyberArk