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Ensure that all your assets are accounted for
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Manage All Assets In One Place

Managing hardware and software assets is complex. Your IT team needs to know where computers, printers, scanners, and peripheral devices are located in the organization. Maintain, upgrade, and maximize usage of your resources, as well as the status of software licenses. ITCC’s Asset Management module makes it easy to track hardware and monitor software licenses from the time they are distributed to employees or deployed in common areas until they are returned or retired.

Plan, procure, deploy, maintain, and retire your assets safely with IT Care Center’s Asset Management module.

360-Degree Asset Management

The Asset Management module helps IT teams track every instance of licensed software and each piece of company-owned hardware with the click of a mouse. The system integrates with other modules as well, so you can maintain a record of incidents, upgrades, or other issues that impact specific assets.
Inventory Management

Stay on top of every aspect of your inventory in every geographical location. Your agents can track each asset that is in use, offering visibility throughout the lifecycle of the asset.

ITCC is highly customizable. System administrators can define the different types of assets that are being managed and the categories for each asset type. The system also allows for custom attributes of each asset type, including both data input from scanning tools like IP addresses and Bios, as well as manually input data like invoice numbers or warranty information.

The robust inventory management tool tracks asset changes, such as ownership and location. It also assigns assets to inventory locations, so you can easily find the assets that have returned.

Your IT team can use the system to manage inventory levels, set minimum stock numbers, and manage cycle counts. They can also create barcodes for each asset, making it easier to track assets.

The system maintains a log for every asset, including software assets, providing a complete history of the company’s IT assets.

Fully Integrated Modules

Your IT team will have a full view into any issues or changes that impacted an asset, with integration between the Asset Management module and both your Change Management and Problem Management modules.

Services, hardware upgrades, software updates, and other changes in configurations that were performed on the asset are associated with the asset. This allows IT personnel to relate a configuration item (CI) to problems or changes in the asset, and aids in making decisions on other assets in the future.

In addition, Asset Management integrates with Incident Management, capturing any reports or CIs that relate to specific assets.

Adding Assets

The Asset Management module integrates with your scanning tools or uses REST APIs to gather asset data, discover assets, and manage assets. The system includes built-in integrations with WMI, SCCM, and BigFix, allowing it to capture asset-related data, and performs scheduled scans of the network to identify unknown assets.

The system maintains detailed asset information and maps the integration fields. It also enables an asset file upload, including custom fields.

Software Contract and License Management

The system provides a powerful tool for managing software vendors and contracts across the organization, as it ensures that your organization doesn’t overpay for software licenses.

Your IT team will have a single list view of each software, with critical details like the number of purchases vs. installations, workstations running software, and the software manufacturer’s profile. It enables software management at the version level, while allowing users to assign license types, such as OEM or concurrent.

The system also provides alerts for contract renewals and contracts coming to an end. It uses a dashboard display to track over-or under-licensed software, which helps ensure the organization isn’t overpaying for software licenses.

Software Compliance

The system’s dashboards provide a view into software compliance, ensuring that the organization is operating the software within the terms of the provider and its set policies.

Use predefined rules to track compliance on workstations, servers, and other devices using compound compliance calculations and get alerts if the organization is non-compliant. Enjoy the flexibility of exempting specific PCs or servers from compliance tracking.

Digital Signatures

Introduce digital signatures across the organization. Based on the organization’s policies for each asset, when ownership of an asset changes from one employee to another, signature requests are sent to employees. The signatures are documented in the system and associated with the asset.

ITCC Asset Management Organizational Benefits

Asset Management is critical to any medium to large organization. It curbs overspending on unnecessary software licenses, reduces theft and loss of expensive hardware, and improves management of depreciable assets.

ITCC’s Asset Management module provides the IT team with the tools needed to track and manage all the organization’s hardware and software. It reduces unnecessary purchases, manages contract service levels, and ensures that your organization doesn’t run afoul of software licensing commitments

IT Asset Management Tools
Integrated Asset Management

Built-In Features

Like all modules within the ITCC platform, Asset Management includes a robust toolset that facilitates communication, simplifies use, makes it easy to track progress at a glance.

  • Chatbot – Open tickets, or troubleshoot incidents using a natural language conversational chatbot
  • Analytics Dashboard – Create custom dashboards that highlight asset inventory management, and software compliance  KPIs
  • IT Integrations – Central integration hub to connect with third-party applications, including WMI, SCCM, and BigFix and more, to create end-to-end digital workflows
  • Mobile – Mobile-friendly allows users to stay on top of projects even when they are on the go
  • Global Support – ITCC provides 24-hour “follow the sun” support so there is always a human agent available to resolve issues
  • Cloud/On-Premises – Deploy the Asset Management module on the cloud or on-premises
  • Rapid App Development Infrastructure

In Our Customers’ Words

ITCC has an important advantage with maintenance and supply management, managing vendor contracts, necessary asset fixes and routine checkups.

ITCC helps us manage tasks, allocating resources to subtasks, creating dependencies and alerting every associate whenever they need to tend to their part. Management has total visibility to the whole process.

We chose ITCC for one Module and found out there are so many more that come built into the system.

With ITCC we pay only per admin, regardless of the number of employees using the system. It’s a hige advantage.

Yossi Golan