ESM - Enterprise Service Management Software

Improve enterprise performance, efficiency, and service Delivery. Standardize service provisioning and promote continual service improvement to internal teams and users
ESM solution

Reduce operating costs and drive efficiencies

Improve processes, reduce operating costs and drive efficiencies throughout organizations with the ITCC Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solution. Our full suite of tools and features will improve internal services at every department where it is implemented

Built on decades of service management improvement for IT departments, it extends those concepts and capabilities into every aspect of the organization. From HR to finance, legal and facilities management, users share knowledge, deploy automations, and handle incidents and requests using proven processes.

"ITCC is a flexible system that allows easy customization in many different ways to meet our ever-changing needs."

“IT Care Center has worked with us as a partner to build, implement and evolve a solution that matches our vision for customer experience”

Faster, More Effective Ways of Working

ESM takes existing, disparate workflows throughout the company, and applies the same processes to ensure consistency and efficiency in processes. As a result, there is a singular company-wide user experience, using a centralized tool.

Company-wide benefits include:

  • Increased Productivity – Incident tracking processes enable teams to respond quickly and in one place
  • Minimized Wasted Efforts – Mapping processes help define activities and cut out extra steps
  • Enhanced Visibility & Control – Consistent processes and reporting deliver a high degree of visibility, highlighting problem areas that need to be corrected
  • Increased User Satisfaction – Internal users know where to get help and see results faster

The different modules in the system work seamlessly with one another and provide a dashboard view of how the company is functioning internally. Through the system, management can monitor and better understand user requests from each department.

Employees and departments have access to the tools they need to get issues resolved quickly and improve productivity across the company.

ESM-Enterprise Service Management Software​

Comprehensive Tools to Keep Everyone Working

Consolidate tools and reduce costs with this important ESM platform. Omnichannel communications enable team members to report incidents or use the self-service tools from their desktops, mobile devices, email accounts, or chatbots. Automations and workflows are built into every level of the system, helping improve productivity and cut down on time waiting. While ESM is different for every company, here are a few ways the system is used.
Incident and Problem Management

Track all incidents and problems to get a full view of challenges that are happening in a division, and measure response and resolution times to ensure that SLAs are being met. Solutions described in the knowledge management portal help team members resolve their issues faster.

Asset Management

Track equipment and company assets. For example, Facilities Management could use the platform to track chairs in offices and conference rooms. When chairs break, that information is added to its record and can be used by purchasing teams when deciding what type of chairs to purchase in the future.

Single or Multiple Portals

ESM systems can be applied to single divisions or across an entire company. Each business unit can create its own portals, with specific knowledge base content, request and ticketing tools, and chatbots that help streamline communications and service common requests for information.

Our Promise to You

At ITCC, we understand how important it is for your systems to be available 24/7/365. It’s why we developed a versatile, professional-grade platform that is highly flexible and doesn’t require a lot of coding.

Our customer service teams are committed to delivering any support you need to keep these systems running. We provide follow-the-sun support to ensure that if our systems ever go down or if you have any questions you need answers, we are here to answer your questions and get your system back online.

IT service management system tools

In Our Customers’ Words

“As a cyber security leader, protecting our customers from advanced threats and ensuring customer satisfaction are top priorities,” said Sigalit Shavit, chief information technology officer at CyberArk. “IT Care Center is a highly customizable solution that powers productive IT support interactions. Using advanced analytics, we can measure and continuously improve the effectiveness of our customer support team to drive long-term customer loyalty.”

Sigalit Shavit

CIO, CyberArk

The Dashboard

Never guess how well your teams are performing. The easy-to-use dashboard uses color-coded measurements to update team members and management on performance, efficiency, and effectiveness. View incident responses at a glance, check out your SLA resolution rates or track how many incidents were resolved using the self-service portal with our robust dashboards.