ITIL Problem Management

Minimize the impact of problems on the business and prevent recurrences
Problem management process flow

Manage and Limit Problems

When incidents arise, they have the potential to create problems for organizations, which can quickly lead to reduced service availability, loss of productivity, and underutilized employees. ITCC’s Problem Management module works together with our Incident Management module, enabling IT personnel to quickly identify, log, and mitigate problems before they evolve into major issues.

Our Problem Management module enables you to increase service availability, improve service quality, and increase productivity across the organization.

Problem Management Software That Resolves Issues Quickly

When problems begin to emerge, our Problem Management module enables your IT team to get things under control. Using a well-defined process flow, you’ll have the tools to move quickly from problem detection through resolution and eliminate problems from recurring.
Detect Problems

Problems are detected in a number of ways, including through integration with the Incident Management module. Problems can also be entered manually, through a Problem Record. Problem Records include the impact of the problem, the urgency for resolution, and a priority level.

The system is also capable of detecting problems proactively, through a process called incident trending.

Logging Problems

Each problem is logged in the Problem Management module. Logs enable users to attach documents and configuration items (CI), as well as problem management processes that can be used to resolve the issue.

Closing Problems

Once problems are resolved, the system sends notifications to affected parties, informing them of the solution.

The system also generates both category-based trend reports and incident related reports.

Investigation and Diagnosis

The system enables your team to perform an investigation into the root cause of the problem. It provides access through search functionality to historical records, as well as known error data, both of which can be used during the investigation.

Findings from the investigation are recorded in the log and can be used to prevent similar IT infrastructure issues from arising in the future.

Any workarounds that are found to deal with the issue are also recorded in the Problem Management module, providing a fast solution if the problem should occur again.

Major problems can be escalated using the module’s configurable escalation rules, reassigning the problem to more experienced problem resolution teams. The system also facilitates management and documentation of major problem reviews.

The system maintains a tiered problem classification schema, allowing for the identification of a problem with a service, system, and component. Problems are classified by category and can be attached to a service or CI, ensuring that the classification is consistent across the organization.

ITCC Problem Management Organizational Benefits

Problem management is vital to organizations, as they minimize the impact problems have on the business. IT teams are able to easily associate incidents to a problem, and the reporting features promote transparency across the company. ITCC’s Problem Management module enables the IT team to minimize chaotic situations arising from undetected problems that sprawl out of control. They have the tools they need to identify problems and get them resolved as quickly as possible.
incident management module
Integrated Asset Management

Built-In Features

Like all modules within the ITCC platform, Incident Management includes a robust toolset that facilitates communication, simplifies use, makes it easy to track progress at a glance. 

  • Chatbot – Open tickets, or troubleshoot incidents using a natural language conversational chatbot
  • Analytics Dashboard – Create custom dashboards that highlight incident resolution KPIs and SLAs
  • IT Integrations – Central integration hub to connect with third-party applications, including Oracle ERP, SAP, email platforms and more, to create end-to-end digital workflows
  • Mobile – Mobile-friendly allows users to stay on top of projects even when they are on the go
  • Global Support – ITCC provides 24-hour “follow the sun” support so there is always a human agent available to resolve issues
  • Cloud/On-Premises – Deploy Change Management module on the cloud or on-premises
  • Rapid App Development Infrastructure


In Our Customers’ Words

The solution's time-to-value, when you consider the time to implement it, its cost,  and the ease of customization is very good. The cost is not too high and it is very easy to deploy.

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