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Manage Services for Multiple Clients From a Single System
ESM solution

Managing operations and IT services for multiple clients just got easier

Managing the service desk for multiple clients from a single platform can be complicated. You need to ensure that the services provided to each client are part of their specific user agreement while handling SLAs that can vary from company to company.

ITCC’s managed services solution enables managed services providers (MSP) to provide effective third-party service management to oversee and manage multiple clients using a single platform

From incident management to knowledge management, service providers can ensure that their clients resolve incidents, meet SLAs, share information, and track assets.

ITCC is super flexible allowing for a high variety of work processes and automation. I have been working with ITCC for over 10 years and I recommend it to anyone that needs great flexibility, a variety of options and wants to make many changes without the need to code.

ITCC is a flexible system that allows easy customization in many different ways to meet our ever-changing needs. The ITCC support team is amazing. They are quick to provide continuous support and are attentive to our needs, offering creative ideas and flexible tools.

Working with Multiple Clients

Designed to handle multiple clients, ITCC enables managed services providers to manage multiple accounts, contacts, and customer portal access.

It’s designed for more effective contract management, enabling customization to things like SLA management based on each of the MSP’s client’s requirements.

In addition to managing client services, the system assists MSPs in tracking their hours, making it easier for the MSP to invoice their clients.

Deliver the entire scope of services to multiple clients quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly.

ESM-Enterprise Service Management Software​

External Customer Management Tools

Deliver the entire scope of services to multiple clients quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly.

Service Management:
Oversee all client IT operations, covering:

These tools are used to create automated workflows; manage, monitor, and resolve any service-related problems; and share knowledge across the organization.

Built-in dashboards and rules ensure that SLAs are met, while omnichannel tools allow reporting and communication through chatbot, email, and the portal.

This powerful collection of tools was designed to keep IT running smoothly while helping organizations find cost savings and efficiencies.

Contracts Management

Contract management tools enable service providers to manage contracts, lines, attachments, and flexible attributes through the MSP solution. It allows them to manage contract coverage to customer assets for cross-referencing support activities, as well as manage renewals and derived auto tasks.

The contracts management tool includes out-of-the-box dashboards and reports for contracts management, providing additional insights and notifications throughout the lifetime of the project.


Client Management

Manage each client based on the agreed-upon terms of the engagement. Each external client can be assigned their own eligibility rights for incidents, requests, and changes based on the agreement between the managed services provider and the client.

Customers within each client can be searched for, defined, and segregated based on the internal organization units’ hierarchy and customer access rights. Incidents are routed based on customer data.

Fully customizable, managed services IT administrators can configure the system to meet their needs based on the agreement with their client, from form creation to rules guiding the handling of different types of incidents.

Managing Billable Hours

Track and manage hours directly through the system. Managed service providers can define hours-based contracts and use the built-in tools to assign contracts and plan hours for tasks.

They can also utilize the internal calendar and task-based approach for actual hours reporting.
The system tracks hours used for contracts and maintains records of chargeable hours coverage.

Full Customer View

Maintain a full, 360-degree view of each customer. Customer accounts can be viewed by contract, project, incident, request, changes, and tasks.

Our Promise to You

At ITCC, we understand how important it is for your systems to be available 24/7/365. It’s why we developed a versatile, professional grade platform that is highly flexible and doesn’t require a lot of coding. Our customer service teams are committed to delivering any support you need to keep these systems running. We provide follow-the-sun support to ensure that if our systems ever go down or if you have any questions you need answers, we are here to answer your questions and get your system back online.
IT service management system tools

In Our Customers’ Words

We have tested a range of products and finally picked ITCC, because of its ability to provide the best comprehensive solution to our organizational computing needs.

The ITCC system enables our IT unit to deliver the highest level of computing services which are rendered by our business division, while maximizing automational procedures. The installation of the ITCC system was part of our computer division’s policy of maintaining excellence.

This year we also initiated various projects in our applications and development teams, such as conversion to cloud, and ERP system upgrade. ITCC’s system benefited us greatly by reducing workload in the IT department and supported the planning, management, and the documentation of the process.

Eliran Tovi

CIO, Radware

The Dashboard

View incident responses at a glance, check out your SLA resolution rates or track how many incidents were resolved using the self-service portal with our robust dashboards.

Service teams never have to guess how well they are performing. The easy-to-use dashboard using color-coded measurements to update team members and management on performance, efficiency, and effectiveness.