Radware Selects ITCC to Manage its IT Operations

That’s IT, a provider of products and services for IT systems and projects management and implementation, today announced that Radware, a provider of cybersecurity and application delivery solutions, has selected That’s IT’s IT Care Center (ITCC) for managing and operating Radware’s IT operations. ITCC manages Radware’s global support system, application group and infrastructure and communications unit – centrally and unifiedly. ITCC enables comprehensive management of all Radware’s support system functions, including the management of the company’s global support center (supporting hundreds of global customers). In addition, it manages the handling of calls and requests for service, as well as Service Level Agreements and Knowledge Base. In the application and development group, ITCC manages project tasks, resource planning and control, documentation and change release management process for regulatory control in accordance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). In the infrastructure and communications sphere, ITCC manages support, tasks and changes. “We tested a slew of products, and we decided to choose ITCC due to its ability to provide the optimal response to all the needs of our enterprise computing system,” said Eliran Tovi, Vice President of Information Systems, Radware. “ITCC allows us to maintain a high level of services that the IT unit provides to the company’s business and technology functions, with maximum automation. The implementation of ITCC is part of our policy to maintain the utmost excellence of Radware’s IT system. This year we also conducted various projects in the applications and development group, such as moving to the cloud and upgrading the ERP system. ITCC eases the burden that was generated in the IT Division as a result of these projects. ITCC also supports the planning and management of tasks and the documentation of system changes.” “Radware has many offices around the globe, and the functioning of the enterprise IT system is critical to the company’s business operations, serving about 50,000 customers,” said Rani Fuchs, CEO of That’s IT. “ITCC will enable Radware’s IT managers to provide the best service to all users, including optimal user experience. Further implementation and expansion of ITCC’s functionality at Radware will create a situation where ITCC will actually be an ERP system for Radware’s IT organization.” ITCC measures and operates the services of the enterprise IT unit with advanced tools, while automating the various processes. The system’s main modules include service desk and self-service portal, projects and tasks management, IT asset management, application management and new versions release. In addition to maximizing automation, ITCC provides users with self-service tools that allow end-users to open service requests and track them, look at various IT unit messages and use a range of self-services, such as installations, user manuals and more. ITCC automatically routes service calls and various tasks to enable optimal utilization of the enterprise resources in accordance with rules that were set in advance. The system’s knowledge base is constantly updated while the system automatically builds a knowledge base and solutions through tagging keywords of problems that have been solved, and adding them to the knowledge base. A unique search engine allows both users and the IT unit to find the right solution quickly when opening the service request.