That’s IT…Assessing the Impact of IT Care Center

IT service managers tend to be stressed out a lot. Life is never easy for people who are tasked with keeping a company’s technology up and running—while trying to figure out new, innovative ways to save money and make IT a driver of business value. In this context, IT Care Center (ITCC) is proving itself to be an essential foundation of effective IT service delivery. As users report on IT Central Station, ITCC enables departments to scale service management while saving time and generating return on investment (ROI). The platform enables IT service teams to perform their jobs with ease, allowing for end users to experience fewer service interruptions. For example, Asaf Y., IT Team Leader at a tech company, found that ITCC saves time and effort. The solution’s analytics give his team a superior real-time picture of time, delay and SLA for reports. It also allowed them to process change requests easily. For Yossi G., a Manager of Global Service Support at Maytronics, a manufacturer, the benefit from ITCC came from the ability to view all relevant information when a user opens a task. He said, “You can see all sub-tasks and the information underneath it. You don’t have to search for all the tasks and cases that are relevant to the same issue.” This is a time saver that facilitates faster service delivery.  

Scalability and Adaptability

Users find the solution scalable and adaptable. According to Asaf Y., “How you use IT Care Center will depend on how your organization builds. This product has a lot of capabilities. If you are using the out-of-the-box solution, then you must suit it to your organization. If you are building from scratch, it can do amazing things.” An IT Customer Service Manager at a communications service provider related, “The last one that we implemented was SolarWinds. We then compared everything: scalability, availability, user-friendliness, monitoring, documents, ease of use, and self-service. We have a lot of case studies that we compared one by one. We asked users too. We decided to go with IT Care Center because it was better than the others in most things.” This user then added, “IT Care Center enables us to configure simple forms and flows. It makes our daily customer-facing work very efficient and easy. For example, if we want to add some new flows or change something, we have the ability to do it by ourselves in our own time and manner. This makes it very efficient.”   Saving Time and Money An effective IT service management platform should contribute to savings of time and money, which are often one and the same. According to Yossi G., the solution’s ability to create forms and workflows and provide transparency makes processes move faster. His team has become more efficient as a result. He explained, “It saves time because the agent doesn’t have to make calls or send emails to ask, ‘Do you know about this case and that case? Where did that case go? Who took that case?’ He doesn’t have to do it anymore because he can see everything under the main task. It has probably saved about 20% of our time.” The benefit of saving time can be measured in different ways depending on a company’s priorities. For instance, Ruli A., the CIO at Tadiran, a manufacturing company, commented, “IT Care Center simplifies our IT service management so we have fewer calls. This gives us more time to work without distraction.” The simplicity allows his users to open tickets and receive fast responses. He also has suppliers who are working with the system. His team can open tickets for them, and they respond by sending their estimated times and statuses, which are configured, processed, and managed by IT Care Center. Their efficiency is much better with IT Care Center. They have reduced costs by 33% and task management time by approximately 35%. Another way to look at time saved is by the reliability of the system. Ruli A. further noted, “The stability is very good. I don’t have problems with the system. It works all the time. I can’t really remember any downtime. It is a simple software. If the server is up, everything is working properly.” Before using IT Care Center, it took at least 30% more time to manage all the tasks and all the meetings about tasks.  

Measuring Efficiency and ROI

IT service managers, along with the people who write the checks that pay for their tools, want to know if a solution is producing quantifiable benefits. Asaf Y. put this way: “We have seen a return on our investment with this solution based on analytics.” In their case, this result arose from having many dashboards they’ve used to improve processes. The department is now a ‘one stop shop’ for every solution. Compared to their previous solution, they have reduced departmental costs by half in switching to IT Care Center. “If we have to work without this tool, and with tools like Excel, this would reduce our service level,” said the comms provider’s IT Customer Service Manager. IT Care Center helps them resolve issues more quickly. They have created self-service processes using the solution. Before they started to use the tool, human beings resolved 100% of the ticketing. Now self-service automation is resolving between 17% to 20% of the created incidents and requests. IT Care Center supports users with first-class software, giving clients the ability to focus on necessary work. Teams can now focus on important projects rather than on repetitive tasks. By supporting scaled IT services, ITCC delivers a positive end-user experience through its efficient, automated platform. IT departments can then function seamlessly as they meet and exceed SLA criteria. To learn more about what IT Central Station members think about solutions for IT service management, visit